SI Retail  introduces a new range of gondolas ideal for creating freestanding aisles, end bays or wall displays in supermarkets, convenience stores, hardware stores, auto shops or even pharmacies.
SI Retail’s new Versa gondolas are infinitely customisable and fit a wide range of accessories and hooks. The gondolas are available double sided to create freestanding aisles as well as single sided for end bays or wall displays. Choice of different widths, lengths and heights enables multiple customisation options to fit available floor spaces.
Gondolas can be assembled to suit specific requirements. For instance, one could select a pegboard wall at the top to display products on hooks while a set of shelves at the bottom can serve to store bulkier items.
Versa gondolas also provide the flexibility to arrange different products around a theme as part of a promotional display to encourage additional sales.
SI Retail offers complete customisation options based on the size of the order including choice of colours and additional features.
Key features of SI Retail Versa gondolas:

  • infinitely customisable design
  • ideal as wall, freestanding or end bay displays
  • available in single and double sided options
  • choice of standard or heavy duty construction
  • heavy duty features bigger, stronger uprights and legs for hardware and auto stores to display heavy products
  • choice of pegboard, flat wall or slot wall
  • fits a wide range of slotwall and pegboard accessories and hooks
  • available in grey as standard but can be customised to suit specific needs.