Balustrades and pool fencing manufacturer Sentrel Pty Ltd gives a few design tips for selecting the right type of balustrades when designing or renovating the home. Balustrades are integrated into a home’s design not only to meet the necessary building regulations but also to serve as an aesthetic feature that adds character to the building.

Things to consider:

The Space

The location is the most important consideration when it comes to installing balustrades. If the installation is outdoors, selecting a balustrade made from environmentally resilient materials is crucial. High grade stainless steel or aluminium balustrades will be perfect for any outdoor application. Additionally, if the home is in close proximity to the coast, there will be additional considerations such as the product’s ability to withstand the marine environment.

If the homeowner is looking for privacy outside, a more solid structure balustrade system could be considered. An installation adjoining a narrow space such as a small balcony or staircase would require a space-saving solution such as wire and glass balustrades. Since these areas also tend to be places where people like to rest their hands, timber is recommended instead of metal. The combination of vertical wire balustrades and a timber handrail is great for high traffic areas, while also avoiding the dirty handprints one can expect to see on glass.


It’s important to list out the objectives of a balustrade installation. Reasons could be as diverse as adding an aesthetic element to the home, meeting regulatory requirements for the building, and addressing safety concerns, especially in homes with children and pets.

Glass balustrades are aesthetically pleasing as they allow a lot of light into the area and look great in a contemporary design. However, glass can encourage entry of heat and is also a difficult material to maintain, especially with children in the house.

Stainless steel wire balustrades offer the flexibility of customisation, making it an appealing choice in many households. For instance, the handrails on the balustrades can be powder-coated in a specific colour to match the overall colour scheme of the home. Wire balustrades also allow rooms to flow together, which means more ventilation and light through the home. Since they don’t obstruct views, wire balustrades are a great option for balconies or the upper floors of the home. Vertical wire tends to be the best option as horizontal wire balustrades present many safety and legal issues.

Australian hardwood handrails can be a great addition to any balustrade design. This organic material is a great addition to country-style homes and can even serve as a feature in an otherwise modern home.

Long Term Maintenance

A very important consideration when selecting balustrades is the ease of maintenance. Research the material well and find out how easy it will be to maintain it in the long term. Find answers to these questions: Does the surface need constant cleaning or rust protection? Are the wires self-tensioning? Can the balustrades be replaced or repaired within a decent amount of time after purchase? Does the warranty cover the entire structure or only certain parts?

Sentrel offers a generous seven-year warranty on their balustrades, ensuring peace of mind for customers.