Fencing comes in different materials, designs and finishes, and making the right choice can be a complicated process. Sentrel Pty Ltd explains the various features of timber and aluminium fences, and also provides suggestions for ongoing maintenance.

Timber fences

A versatile fencing material, timber is an automatic choice when a natural aesthetic is the objective. Additionally, when timber is sustainably harvested, it can be an environment-friendly choice too.

However, timber is susceptible to fire, moisture and pests such as fungi and termites. To ensure a long life for your timber fence, have it sealed and coated during installation, and thereafter at regular intervals. 

Aluminium fences

A modern addition to the fencing family, aluminium fences are strong and durable but lightweight in construction, making them easy to transport and install. Aluminium delivers multiple advantages to the installation with its ability to resist corrosion, compared to other materials such as steel that rust and wear down over time.

Recommended especially for coastal homes, aluminium fences are ideal for achieving a uniform look. From a maintenance perspective, these fences don’t need a lot of attention except for a little washdown with water to remove residual salt build-up. Aluminium fences offer clean, simple lines and can come in a variety of different colours. Aluminium is a great option for pool fences and can be built on slopes and stairs.

Sentrel fences

Sentrel fences are made from spotted gum, a native Australian timber that is naturally tough and resilient, and traditionally used to make tool handles, boats, springboards and furniture. It has a Class 1 rating of 40+ years out of ground durability, is termite resistant and is in the highest class of fire retardant timbers.

Sentrel fencing panels are manufactured at the company’s factory and delivered on-site, ready to install.

Sentrel also offers an entirely new range of maintenance-free vertical wire balustrades and pool fences that feature extruded aluminium sections instead of timber. These products are self-tensioning and allow rapid assembly onsite using a few simple tools. Sentrel’s new fencing systems also come with the choice of no handrail, matching aluminium handrail, or timber handrail.

Wire pool fences

Featuring vertical wires, Sentrel’s vertical cable pool fences not only meet Australian safety standards in every state and territory but are also ideal for maintaining airflow throughout the enclosed space. These fences allow a seamless transition from deck and balcony areas, to the pool and entertaining areas while maintaining a stylish and coordinated look incorporating aluminium and timber.

See-through pool fencing

Sentrel’s fencing range can incorporate vertical wires or cables with timber, steel or aluminium rails in colours of your choice; thanks to the vertical wires, these fences don’t block your view. In addition to being safe, reliable and beautiful, Sentrel fences enable simple and quick installation onsite, ensuring maximum flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

Image: Vertical Wire Balustrades