Are you specifying stages, access ramps and stage accessories for your projects? Start your project the right way by looking for a local manufacturer or supplier, instead of an imported, premade stage.

Many of Australia’s leading architects, builders, specifiers, schools, museums and churches have already selected Select Staging Concepts for their stage projects, with successful outcomes.

Select Staging Concepts is a proven specialist in the design, production and installation of permanent and portable staging systems, stage access ramps and staging accessories – all delivered to strict Australian Standards.

The design team at Select Staging Concepts provides a simple and effective stage solution to account for small spaces, odd-shaped spaces or even multi-level spaces.

By collaborating with architects and specifiers right from the start of a project, Select Staging Concepts ensures a smooth journey to completion and the client gets to own a custom-made Australian stage and ramp system.

How hard can it be to choose a local supplier and manufacturer?

Contact the Select Staging Concepts team right from the start of any project. Get the advantage of a staging solution designed and manufactured to your precise requirements – you don’t have to compromise your needs with a premade imported stage system that limits the end user’s options.

By selecting ‘Made In Australia’ certified stage systems from Select Staging Concepts, specifiers can also fulfil local content percentage criteria.