Modular stage podiums from Select Staging Concepts are safely secured together with the Klemm-fix connector inserted between stage podiums and then simply hand-tightened. How can something so small and simple be so hugely effective, strong and safe?

Although small in size, the Klemm-fix connector is one of the most important reasons why modular staging systems from Select Staging Concepts are safely and accurately rated to comply with Australian Standards criteria.

No power tools are required to assemble the stage podiums; just the simple Klemm-fix connector tool is needed. All Klemm-fix connectors and tools are supplied free with every stage order.

Originally designed in Germany and efficiently supported by superior German engineering, the Klemm-fix connector has been modified by the Select Staging Concepts engineering team to better suit Australian customer needs.

Select Staging Concepts works with architects and specifiers to design and manufacture all portable and permanent stage project solutions.

So, why not contact the Select Staging Concepts team and join the wide range of Australian industries currently enjoying the reliability and versatility of QUATTRO, PILOT, DIVA and MELBA stage systems?

Want to see exactly how Klemm-fix works? Check out the selection of modular stage videos and watch how simply Klemm-fix connectors safely secure the modular podiums together.

Our ‘Made in Australia’ certified stage systems are the stage solutions Australia deserves.