The Adelaide-based Seima was founded on a simple promise – to always deliver the very best kitchen, bathroom and laundry products in the market, supported by excellent service. This is a promise that Seima has been delivering on from the beginning – because they won’t have it any other way.

Seima’s supply chain is fine-tuned to ensure smooth delivery, backed by the systems and support of a large enterprise along with the assurance of personalised service that customers would expect from a family business, regardless of the order size.

Seima employs state-of-the-art systems and operates a network of distribution centres in every mainland state in Australia to ensure orders are delivered promptly.

At the very foundation of this efficient structure is a good product. Seima’s product development begins with understanding what their customers need and want, and then finding a solution that is both aesthetic and functional without compromising one or the other. It could mean a technical change that makes installation easier or a new product design; regardless, Seima is genuinely excited by their products and the various ways they can make life better for the people who use them.

In the case of the Blade ‘no splash’ sink, Seima minimised the join between the two bowls in response to customer feedback; the simple innovation – something no one had thought of doing before – made the sink a finalist at the 2016 HIA Industry Innovation Awards. The Blade remains one of Seima’s most popular products.

Going forward, Seima is introducing a limited range of on-trend products that will be updated on a more regular basis, in addition to the designer and contemporary ranges that customers have come to know and love.