Screen Tech Industries was engaged by the owners of a 24-year-old double storey, brick veneer, tiled roof home in Melbourne to install a complete bird proofing solution.

Located in Croydon in Melbourne’s outer eastern suburbs, the home needed a solution to prevent birds from entering inside the roof. Key considerations for Screen Tech included the likelihood of the birds attacking the newly-installed mesh as they tried to regain entry, in addition to an 800mm wide section that would require bracing.

Planning Stage

  • Our project manager worked closely with the installation partners’ manager.
  • Gutter guard materials and colours were carefully assessed and selected to suit the building, roofing material and surrounds.
  • Considerations for residents were identified including the need for privacy, communication and minimal disruption.

Installation Stage

  • Training was carried out to brief our installation partners about the bracing system as they were using it for the first time.
  • High quality Tuff Mesh aluminium gutter guards were installed successfully and a stunning finish was achieved using a close colour match from our extensive colour range.
  • We eliminated the need for our clients to get onto the roofing area to clean the roof gutters, ensuring safety, convenience and peace of mind.

Completed in September 2016, the project involved completely sealing the gutters and valleys using Screen Tech’s quality bird proofing system.

It wasn’t long before the homeowners noticed the bird noise had stopped. Indian Mynas, which are quite persistent, continued to try to find a way inside the roof for a few days, but eventually gave up and flew off. The customer has reported complete peace of mind since the completion of the work, and her gutters are also now protected from leaf and debris issues.