Rangehoods are installed in kitchens to extract smoke and fumes, and help keep the air healthy. However, noise can become a polluting factor in the kitchen from the loud sound of the rangehood’s motor and fan.

Noise pollution from any source can have lasting impacts on human health, peace of mind and quality of life. Loud noises are not just annoying and intrusive, but can also cause sleep disruption from constant exposure, affecting one’s focus and ability to work.

A World Health Organization (WHO) report from 2011 reveals that prolonged exposure to high levels of environmental noise can lead to stress, which can potentially cause high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. Noise pollution is, therefore, not only an environmental nuisance, but also a threat to public health.

Schweigen has addressed this problem by designing kitchen rangehoods that generate excellent extraction power as quietly and efficiently as possible. ​

Schweigen has sourced the quietest and most powerful domestic extraction fan available, and integrated the German-made, centrifugal fan technology into a Schweigen-designed motor system called the Isodrive®.

Since even the quietest internal motor and fan can generate noise from the vibration inside the rangehood canopy, Schweigen’s silent rangehoods have their Isodrive motors installed outside the home, with the extraction taking place through the roof, wall or eave using acoustically-matched, right-sized flexible ducting. 

Consult with Schweigen for a suitable silent rangehood for your kitchen and protect yourself from the dangers of noise pollution.