Schots Fireclay sinks are handmade using natural fire clay materials twice fired in a 1200-degree oven. The Farmhouse single sink is a traditional, heavy-duty, fireclay sink. It features a fluted ribbed apron and panel apron to give you both interchangeable options to suit your kitchen theme.

The concrete Farmhouse sink is created by using lightweight cement and mixing it with natural jute type fibre. These concrete items come pre-sealed with a water-resistant acrylic sealer. Schots is the only retailer in Australia to have exclusivity to this unique finish.

Concrete sinks were once the domain of Victorian laundry troughs; now, the resurgence in the love of concrete as an industrialist material has seen the revival of concrete as functioning, working sink with unique character and personality. Inspired by kitchens centuries ago, these traditional sinks have had a rebirth and are now commonly used in contemporary kitchens. They have a more modern industrialist feel, sinking in entirely with a minimalist kitchen look as the feature piece.