RAPTOR rope access davit systems, available from Sayfa Group, are recommended for workers required to work at height on building exteriors.

RAPTOR davit arms are designed as a cantilevered anchorage device over balustrades, parapets and curtain walls for rope access work when workers are required to maintain building facades and equipment mounted on the external face of a building structure.

RAPTOR’s rope access davit is an engineered single person device, designed to withstand a 12kN rope access load or safe working load of 400kg. The davit system mostly connects to the primary structure of the building using wall mount, floor mount and concrete cast-in options, depending on the structure available and the intended use of the system.

The davit base is permanently mounted to the structure while the davit arm unit is relocated from base to base to access different sections of the structure or façade.

Since these systems are required to safely suspend a human life, the system must only be used by a certified rope access operator.

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