KOMBI modular aluminium stair systems provided a practical access solution to the Grove Group for their relocatable sheds constructed at the Level Crossing Removal project site in Dandenong VIC.

The Grove Group is an Australian owned and operated company that specialises in the manufacture, installation and hire of relocatable buildings for many industry sectors. Contracted to supply site buildings for the level crossing removal project, they were required to construct multiple sheds, several of them on a raised gantry.

Traditional wooden stairs or scaffolding could not provide the assurance of safety, durability and strength for accessing the second level of these sheds. Steel stairways would have been difficult and expensive to fabricate and install, given the inconsistent ground levels and surfaces.

Having worked together on various projects previously, the company approached Sayfa Group for a solution. Designs for the large exterior stairways were drawn and approved, based on which fabrication began in Sayfa’s manufacturing facility.

The modular components were delivered to site where Sayfa’s installer Prosafe began assembly. However, as work progressed, it soon became obvious that a change in height required the stairs to be raised by 600mm.

A problem like this would have necessitated a complete system rebuild in traditional steel stairs. But KOMBI's unique T-Bolt technology proved its worth, allowing on-site adjustments in situ and ensuring no additional fabrication was required, which would have caused significant time delays and costs.


KOMBI modular aluminium access stair and platform systems provide the assurance of flexibility.

Often inaccurate measurements or last minute changes to existing structures require fabricated systems to be modified, significantly affecting the installation and adding time and unexpected costs to the project.

By using the patented KOMBI T-Bolt, KOMBI aluminium modular stairs can be adjusted to suit the required stair angle while allowing each individual tread to be levelled and spaced accordingly. In the event there are inconsistencies with measurements and actual on-site dimensions, there will be no major delays in delivering your access systems.