The Sanicompact C43 ECO from Saniflo Australia is the first and only toilet awarded a 6-star WELS rating for its economical water consumption. The Sanicompact uses just 1.8L/3L of water per dual flush compared to the regular 4L/6L of water, saving the average household up to 13,000 litres of water per year. Sanicompact’s water efficiency also makes it the most environment-friendly toilet on the market.

Sanicompact is the only all-in-one macerating toilet suite currently on the market. Designed for simple installation anywhere, the toilet is particularly ideal for space-constrained areas such as small ensuites, powder rooms or laundry rooms. Mounted to the floor, the Sanicompact features a water-saving cistern-less flush and can also accommodate a basin addition.

Saniflo Australasia Managing Director Matthieu Esprit says the Sanicompact C43 ECO combines all the benefits of Saniflo’s macerating technology into a single, convenient product.

Installing the Sanicompact C43 ECO does not require any major work cutting through concrete slabs and digging up sewer pipes. Instead, Saniflo’s alternative plumbing solution enables easy installation of a toilet and basin without breaking the floor. With the Sanicompact, water waste is pumped back to the sewer point through tiny pipework and the non-return valve prevents shredded waste from coming back into the system.

Greg Waters, National Technical Manager, Saniflo Australasia explains that the Sanicompact C43 ECO macerator pump is perfect for environmentally conscious homeowners. Plumbers will also find the Sanicompact C43 ECO easy to install without cutting through concrete or digging trenches.