Living with a single toilet in the house can be restrictive and the thought of adding a new bathroom may seem out of reach.

Unless the proposed bathroom is close to existing sewer pipes it can be extremely costly to relocate the pipes to your desired location.

In some cases it may even be impossible to achieve gravity flowed plumbing if fixtures are located below the sewer level.

Luckily, Saniflo has a unique solution which enables a bathroom to be installed anywhere in the home.

Simply connect a Saniflo macerator pump behind the toilet pan and pump the waste from a WC, basin and shower back to the existing sewer point.

The use of discreet 25mm piping removes the need for major construction and saves costs associated with relocating large sewer pipes and cutting concrete flooring.

Saniflo pumps only operate when water flows into the unit and have a decibel rating quieter than the average human conversation.

Make an extra bathroom a reality with a Saniflo macerator pump.