IXL Home presents the IXL range of high quality ventilation products. IXL is an iconic Australian brand that draws its success from a rich history of producing some of the finest ventilation products.

Designed and manufactured by Geelong based Sampford IXL, the IXL Tastic, Tastic Neo and premium ventilation products offer the Australian market an excellent range of high quality and innovative ventilation, heat and light solutions for the home environment.

IXL Tastic range

One of the leading collections of heat, light and ventilation products, the IXL Tastic range has become an iconic element within many Australian bathrooms since its introduction in the market over 30 years ago. Proudly designed, engineered and made in Australia by IXL, innovators since 1858, IXL Tastic products are made from carefully selected quality materials to ensure reliable performance, energy efficiency, long term durability and safety, and aesthetics.

Homeowners can choose from a wide range of options to suit different environments and room sizes. Quality is assured with every unit fully tested and supported by a 5-year in-home warranty. IXL Tastics are designed through a collaboration of Sampford IXL’s in-house engineering team and Australian industrial design experts.

Classic, Original and Premium Tastic

The classic range of Tastic is suited to retrofitting into an updated bathroom. Five of the six Tastic models currently available have superior illumination courtesy of a 100W centre light; alternatively an energy saving globe can be fitted. This collection offers varying levels of extraction and instant heat capacities to suit differing needs. 

The Tastic Triumph without a fan is ideal for rooms where the requirement is only for light and warmth.

Eco Tastic is recommended for new homes with 5 star energy rating and for use by homeowners who wish to reduce their home’s energy consumption. Only suitable for situations where exhausting into the roof cavity is allowed, Eco Tastic offers three different model types, each featuring an energy saving 15W CFL centre globe; four long lasting instant heat infrared heat lamps with varying wattage; and a choice of powerful extraction rates ranging from 257m³/h to 396m³/h. 

The Easy Duct Tastic features a fully sealed design, making it the right solution for 5 star energy efficient homes that need a ducted application. This heat, vent and light appliance is available in four different models, all featuring powerful extraction ranging from 210m³/h to 223m³/h; self-sealing back draught flaps; an energy saving 15W globe, a choice of 2 or 4 infrared globes for instant heat plus the option of remote control or switch operation. 

Tastic Neo range

Featuring a sleek, elegant and unobtrusive design, the Tastic Neo is a high quality next generation heat, fan and lighting appliance for bathrooms desirous of a contemporary aesthetic. Designed in response to market demand for a product that complemented the market trend towards premium tiles, fittings and fixtures in bathrooms, Tastic Neo is available in a choice of two models – Tastic Neo Single and Tastic Neo Dual – both of which offer white or silver fascia options and have a 5-year in-home warranty on the unit and a 2-year warranty on the Ventair in-line fan and tungsten halogen heat lamp.

Tastic Neo Single and Dual

Tastic Neo Single is suited to ensuites and mid-sized bathrooms with ceiling height up to 2.4m, and features an 800W tungsten halogen infrared heat lamp; three 9W gimbal mounted CFL downlights; Ventair in-line extraction ducted exhaust fan; and choice of hardwired or remote installation.

Tastic Neo Dual is suited to mid-sized and large bathrooms with ceiling height up to 3.3m, and features two 800W tungsten halogen infrared heat lamps; three 9W gimbal mounted CFL downlights; Ventair in-line extraction ducted exhaust fan; and hardwired installation. 

Premium ventilation solutions

IXL’s premium ventilation solutions offer energy efficiency, powerful exhaust, strong performance, durability and comprehensive range as hallmark qualities. All IXL exhaust fans include a 3-year warranty, while the Easy Duct units have a 2-year replacement warranty.

Easy Duct thermal transfer system

The Easy Duct thermal transfer system is a cost efficient way of transferring hot or cold air from one room to another. Recommended for eco-sensitive designs and 5 star energy rated homes, this one way transfer unit has a powerful 170mm in-line exhaust fan, is ultra low in energy use (40 watts), has an extraction rate of 55 litres per second, and also seals to prevent back draughts when not in use.

Eco Ventflo

A versatile and powerful 200mm or 250mm exhaust fan suited to bathrooms, kitchens, laundries and toilets, Eco Ventflo offers an exhaust capacity of 340m³ or 490m³ while self-sealing back draught flaps prevent unwanted drafts when not in use. This range offers an option of a circular or square fascia, which conveniently clips off for easy cleaning. The unit has a 3-year replacement warranty.

Ventair Easy Duct inline exhaust system

This fully ducted ventilation unit with a 170mm blower is engineered to seal when not in use to prevent back draughts. Suited for eco-sensitive home designs and 5 star energy rated homes, Ventair Easy Duct offers an extraction rate of 55 litres per second and comes with a 2-year replacement warranty.

Vent ‘n’ Lite Deluxe exhaust fan and light 

This unit combines a light and a powerful 200mm exhaust fan with a 2-speed fan option and the option of operating the light and fan separately. Exhaust capacity is 92 litres of air per second, while two 42 watt halogen centre lights provide superior illumination. The unit has a 3-year repair warranty.