Louvre windows from Safetyline Jalousie were specified for the apartments at the multi-storeyed York and George building in Sydney. Standing 137 metres tall, the building designed by John Wardle Architects offers 199 apartment units across its 40 floors. The mixed use development also offers retail space on the ground floor.

The tall York and George building has a striking presence on the Sydney skyline. However, high rise buildings present their own challenges for architects, engineers and builders. For instance, providing ample light and natural ventilation in a heavily built-up area like Sydney’s CBD can be difficult. While buildings rely on their windows to provide both light and ventilation, options become somewhat limited because many window types cannot meet fall prevention measures and the significantly higher performance ratings associated with high rise construction.

John Wardle Architects specified a total of 720 louvre windows from Safetyline Jalousie to be installed in the balconies of all apartments and also on the building’s podiums. Safetyline Jalousie was specified on the basis of several unique features such as the system’s impressive wind and water ratings since the effects of wind and water rise as a building gets taller; the use of laminate glass louvres because they reduce the potential risk of falling broken shards, especially in high rise construction; sound reduction of 33RW allowing residents to shut out the noise of the bustling city below; compliance with fall prevention, even when the louvres are open to full capacity; and ease of installation, helping with meeting the project’s timeline.

Each louvre window measured 1009mm H x 1200mm W (7 blades); incorporated 6.38mm Clear Laminate louvres; was finished in Eternity Charcoal Pearl Satin; and operated using standard levers.

The York and George project highlights some of the key issues in high-rise buildings: Windows need to provide natural light and ventilation and protect against the harsh elements; they also need to address the performance and safety concerns associated with installation at heights.