‘Bold, vibrant and stylish’ – that’s how the new building of classrooms is described at Mary Immaculate Primary School in Eagle Vale, NSW.

Designed by Alleanza Architecture, the new building is ergonomically designed with a variety of features that allow for a more pleasant teaching and learning environment. An abundance of colour, light, space and flexible learning resources make for an outstanding contemporary student facility.

Large louvre windows from Safetyline Jalousie let in generous natural light and allow ventilation, both elements that have also been scientifically proven to benefit learning retention and concentration levels.

Louvre windows provide the benefit of maximum airflow with up to 86% free air when fully open as opposed to other window styles such as awnings, which only achieve around 14%.

Third party testing has also proved that Safetyline Jalousie louvres have a much higher air tightness performance than generic glass louvres and can, therefore, increase a building’s air tightness by up to 20%. This results in greater control of thermal comfort during cooler weather conditions when heating is used.

Both students and teachers are enjoying their new learning spaces. When the students were asked what they liked the most about their new classroom environment, Annabelle from kindergarten said, “It has lots of space to show all our work”. Mia from Year 3 liked that it was “Nice and colourful”. However, the best response came from her classmate Charlotte who added, “I love the long windows”.

Safetyline Jalousie supplied 81 louvre windows, each measuring 1736mm H x 880mm W in Dulux Monument Satin finish, and featuring 6.38mm Comfortplus Neutral louvres.

Images: Jarrod Bryant Photography