Safety Stride  has developed stair nosings which are particularly suited to outdoor areas with extremely high traffic environments. Crystalline stair nosings are 100% Australian made and come in seven colours including safety yellow, green, blue, red, black and white marble, black and sparkling black.  

Crystalline stair nosings feature:

  • Vandal resistance
  • Long service life
  • Aesthetic properties
  • Non-slip safety feature
  • 15 micron clean anodised finish  

There are three types of Crystalline stair nosings which are all 3.6 metres in length. The 75 by 30 millimetre roll is typically used over concrete and tile substrates, has an abrasive inset and is chemically fused together in monolithic profile. The 104 by 26 millimetre roll can cover stair nosings and part of the stair tread which can be made I contrasting colours. The 75 by 10 millimetre roll is ideal for concrete or placed adjacent to tiles.