Total Fasteners, suppliers of industrial components for factories, warehouses and mining, has chosen to use Safetech ’s Scissor Lifts as the answer to their productivity and safety problems.

Previously, Total Fasteners were having issues with loading and unloading mixed good onto pallets, which were mostly done on the ground. This had caused a lot of staff to experience fatigue and strain injuries from constant bending and stretching. The level of productivity was also affected since the items on the pallets had to be transferred to and from trolleys, which were slow in its transportation process.

To help solve their problems with unpacking and packing the industrial components, Total Fasteners had chosen to use the Safetech AS1-900 hydraulic lift table with 1,100mm pairing turntable to help rotate the load. The scissor lift table also features fork sockets in the base so it can be easily located to where it is required.

The Safetech AS1-900 hydraulic lift table could be adjusted to comfortable and ergonomic heights for all operators and tall and short loads. The turntable was also within easy reach and eliminated the need for the operator to not move the load around.

The Safetech scissor lifts had helped significantly reduce the amount of fatigue and strain injuries as well as increased Total Fastener’s productivity levels and staff morale.

For more information on Safetech’s range of scissor lifts and hydraulic lift tables, visit their website.