The Roofing Tile Association of Australia (RTAA) was established in 2004 with the intent of promoting Australia’s concrete and terracotta roof tiling industry.

The association’s formation was the result of an amalgamation of several state associations, which now operate as state divisions of the national association.

Members include:

  • Boral Roofing
  • CSR Roofing
  • Bristile Roofing
  • Alice Roofing (a division of the Barro Group) 
  • Harmony Roofing (a division of the Buckeridge Group)
  • Monier Prime Roofing
Most independent roof tilers, installers and roof tile distributors are also association members.  

The association represents over 90% of the activities carried out by concrete and terracotta roof tile manufacturers and installers throughout Australia.

Safety is a key issue for roof tilers, and the association works in conjunction with government and regulatory bodies to address occupational health and safety (OH&S) issues and improve workplace safety standards through the formulation of new policies and legislation.

First and foremost, the concerns and interests of members are considered when the association is involved in such matters.

The association is passionate about promoting the expansion and development of the concrete and terracotta roof tiling industry, and subsequently stresses the importance of providing roof tilers with the appropriate training and welcomes industry newcomers.

The advantages of using concrete and terracotta roof tiles over other roofing products are highlighted by the association, and this information is communicated to the general public.

The association plays a vital role in disseminating technical information, industry news, case studies, research reports and any other information of relevance to the concrete and terracotta roof tiling industry to its members.