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    Wall systems

    Steel Stud Drywall Framing System

    Durable, practical and lightweight structure for internal plasterboard walls and for specific external wall systems

    Features & Benefits:

    • Majority of Stud and Track is hemmed for safety and increase strength
    • Various width, lengths and gauges available as standard, as well as custom sizes by order
    • Manufactured with a minimum coating of Z275
    • Profile widths range from 51 to 150mm, and gauges from 0.50 to 1.15BMT
    • Bell mouthed service holes to mitigate damages to services

    Suitable for:

    • Non-load bearing partition walls, load bearing walls by design
    • Steel stud ceiling systems and bulkheads 
    • Fire-rated systems and curved wall applications
    • Seismic and acoustic wall systems by design

    MAXIframe® External Wall Framing System

    Expertly engineered light-weight framing system for external wall construction

    Features & Benefits:

    • Can support and carry a greater load than regular wall studs removing need for boxed or back to back stud configurations
    • More efficient, versatile and cost effective design option than traditional external wall framing construction methods
    • Ability to support a variety of external facades as well as internal linings
    • Made from a high tensile steel 1.2BMT G500 and manufactured with a minimum coating of Z275
    • Custom lengths available

    Suitable for:

    • External wall systems
    • Vented and non-vented external walls and insulation in wall cavity 
    • Load bearing walls by design, window and door jambs
    • Fire-rated systems
    • Dual exterior cladding and interior linings support and access for services within outer walls

    QUIET STUD® Acoustic Wall System

    Uniquely designed stud that can form an effective buffer against unwanted noise when combined with an appropriate lining board system 

    Features & Benefits:

    • Fast and simple to install, resulting in lower labour costs
    • Achieves superior performance in a smaller footprint, leaving more floor space
    • Single profile, no need for staggered stud method of installation
    • Utilises standard 92mm top and bottom wall tracks 

    Suitable for:

    • Acoustic control provisions
    • Acoustic wall systems
    • Fire-rated systems
    • Inter-tenancy walls

    DUPLEX® Internal Stud Framing System

    Rondo DUPLEX is one Stud that does the job of two. It replaces the need to box Studs at internal door or glazing openings 

    Features & Benefits:

    • Greater load capacity than standard narrow flange wall systems 
    • Integrates with the Rondo medium gauge Slotted Deflection Head Track providing better, positive connections
    • Made from  G2 grade steel and manufactured with a minimum gal coating of Z275
    • Higher walls can be achieved without reducing Stud spacings (and with less Noggings)
    • Central rib on fixing flange which allows for vertical alignment of wall linings
    • Less product to install, providing a faster and more cost-effective design solution
    • Custom lengths available

    Suitable for:

    • Replacing single boxed studs to support door frames
    • Internal glazing and door jambs
    • Access openings for services within the wall framing
    • Internal Load Bearing Walls by Rondo Engineered Design
    • Incorporation into standard Rondo narrow flange steel internal wall framing

    Shaftwall System

    A one-way erected wall system designed to encase lift shafts, stairwells and service ducting

    Features & Benefits:

    • Rapid and simple installation with no need to gain access within the lift shaft
    • All components are screw and adhesive fixed meaning no need for welding or bolting, saving labour time 

    Suitable for:

    • Fire-rated and sound-rated systems
    • Lift shafts, stairwells and service ducts
    • low and high-rise construction areas
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