Rondo , Australasia’s leading plasterboard manufacturers, is proud to introduce QUIET STUD, an innovation in acoustic control.

QUIET STUD’s unique design has been extensively at acoustic laboratories located at Auckland University and CSIRO and when combined with suitable lining board systems Rondo QUIET STUD effectively prohibits unwanted noise, providing an extremely cost-effective solution to acoustic control requirements.

Rondo’s QUIET STUD is fast and easy to install in much the same way as a standard drywall construction. This means that installation costs inexpensive when compared with traditional acoustic wall-systems.

QUIET STUD is ideal for the following applications:

  • Inter-tenancy walls in apartments
  • Hotel refurbishments
  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Hospitals;and
  • Offices.
Rondo QUIET STUD’s performance as an acoustic solution was compared with the exact same configuration of plasterboard lining, insulation, sealants and installation details on both a standard Rondo 92mm x 0.55bmt lipped C Steel Stud and the Rondo 92mm x 0.55bmt.

The results suggested that the QUIET STUD significantly outperformed in both the Rw and the combined Rw + Ctr value when compared to the standard Rondo lipped C Steel Stud section. The increase in performance can be expected to be even better when compared to traditional timber stud framing of equal width.