Contrary to common belief, in spite of being atop its own tectonic plate, Australia is vulnerable to earthquakes. As such, it is crucial that designers and specifiers are equipped with the relevant skills and knowledge to integrate seismic solutions into building design. In a new whitepaper, 'Meeting seismic performance requirements in hospitals through efficient design', wall and ceiling system experts Rondo explore the nature of earthquakes in conjunction with Australian building requirements to present a holistic view of a serious – and often underestimated – threat to the built environment.

The whitepaper explores three design-based solutions for seismic conformance, all of which address differential movement resulting from interstory drift, which is a key concern in large civic buildings with high Importance Levels and post-disaster functionality requirements. These solutions can all be found within the comprehensive and innovative range provided by Australian company Rondo Seismic Ceilings and Walls, which takes a comprehensive approach to safeguarding the occupants of the building against seismic activity.