Petersen bricks from Robertson's Building Products were specified for a new home in Northcote, Melbourne, designed to offer sustainable and flexible living to its owners.

Featuring an extremely striking and clever design by BKK Architects Director Simon Knott, the recently completed Doll’s House uses various handcrafted materials including the Petersen D99 bricks selected for the feature wall in the lounge room of the home.

Simon explained that the owners found the idea of these bricks being made by a process that emulated handcrafting very appealing, adding that the imperfections seen in each brick lend an honesty and character not available in mass produced materials. A key design objective of the Doll’s House, just like its namesake, was to create a space where everything was seen, and nothing hidden.

Simon was drawn to Petersen bricks for two reasons: meeting Christian Petersen, and hearing his fascinating ninth generation brickmaking story first hand, and viewing the bricks in Robertson’s Building Products’ showroom.

According to Simon, Petersen handcrafted bricks are stunning and made with the same process that’s been used for more than a century, including coal firing. Simon is also confident BKK Architects will use the Petersen range in future projects.

Image: Doll’s House featuring Petersen bricks (Photography by Shannon McGrath)