Keep your electricity bills down by installing Rinnai solar hot water systems. They are guaranteed to save you money as they require less electricity and gas to heat water.  

These solar hot water systems are designed to collect as much free solar energy as possible. They feature highly efficient flat plate solar collectors, which use a selective surface and special solar glass.

The solar hot water systems contain tanks which heat and then store the water for later use. The tanks are heavily insulated, ensuring water is kept warm.

When the weather is bad or larger than normal quantities of hot water are used hot water will still be available. This is because the solar hot water systems are equipped with either an electric or gas booster, and they operate to supplement the solar energy that is naturally collected by the systems. 

Solar collectors combined with a gas or electric booster ensure the cheapest and cleanest hot water is available at all times. As long as the solar panels can see the sun, Rinnai solar hot water systems are effective all year round, and they are suitable for new and renovated homes.  

The Rinnai solar hot water systems not only reduce electricity bills and minimise the strain on our already overloaded electricity network, they also provide various incentives for Australians who make the switch to solar.  

Rinnai are so passionate about helping their customers save money that their website provides a free rebate calculator. The calculator allows users to estimate the rebate they may receive from the State Government if they choose to convert to a solar hot water system.  

Rinnai solar hot water systems provide the perfect combination of energy collection efficiency, low cost, and an endless supply of warm water thanks to their INFINITY Continuous Flow Hot Water System.