Gas heaters from Rinnai Australia offer higher energy efficiency than conventional electric heaters.

A major challenge during the cold winter months is to keep the home comfortably warm without feeling the impact of high energy bills. Given that heating and cooling amount to approximately 23% of Australian household energy use, homeowners need to consider their home heating requirements and choose a system that delivers the right amount of warmth to avoid energy wastage and bill shock.

When it comes to choosing between gas heaters and electric heaters, the choice is clear, considering that gas heating is cheaper and friendlier to the environment than electricity, accounting for about one-third of the amount of greenhouse gas emissions generated by electric units.

Performance efficiency is also higher with gas heaters able to cope with heating up large spaces quickly, and helping to reduce heating bills by up to 60%.

Rinnai’s Energysaver range offers the perfect space heating solution for superior comfort, safety and efficiency in the home.

Key advantages of Rinnai Energysaver flued gas space heaters:

  • Average yearly cost of running is up to 60% cheaper than an electric heater
  • Efficiency rating between 4.3 and 4.8 stars
  • Optional ‘economy’ mode allows the heater to modulate down after 1 hour once the desired temperature has been reached
  • Full thermostatic control for easy selection of desired temperature and dual digital timers for mornings and evenings
  • Child lock capabilities prevent unwanted access
  • Ranges from compact models for smaller living areas through to larger models suited to open plan living spaces