Rinnai Australia  is introducing a new premium range of barbecues this September designed to offer a complete solution for outdoor cooking.
One of the pioneers of the barbecue culture in Australia, Rinnai is releasing the GT Barbecue range in a modern, stylish and functional package.
Rinnai barbecue spokesperson Lorraine Ong describes the new Rinnai GT Barbecue range as one for the serious barbecue fanatic, following up on Rinnai’s very popular range of barbecues still found in many Australian backyards since their introduction in 1981. The new Rinnai GT barbecue also features the revolutionary ‘Integrill’ burner system as the key ingredient in a perfectly cooked barbecue meal.
Designed for endless cooking options, the Rinnai GT Barbecue range comprises of Inbuilt, Trolley and Island barbecues with customers offered a choice of a black vitreous enamel or full stainless steel option to suit their home environments.
The Trolley and Island barbecue models each come with a durable cast iron trivet side burner that is built for durability. The full stainless steel models in this range are constructed from 304 commercial grade stainless steel, making them less prone to corrosion and highly suitable for Australian backyards.
Key features of Rinnai GT Barbecue range:
  • Unique porcelain enamel cast iron burner system with angled Integrill grill plate and Plancha hot plate
  • Integrill allows fat to drip down the sides during cooking while Plancha hot plate with raised sides enables convenient turning of food
  • No flame tamers required by design, resulting in less gas usage and more direct heat for optimum cooking performance
  • Back burner perfectly suited for mouth-watering gyros or roast chicken
  • Pizza stone can be added on the warming racks to create gourmet pizzas
  • 2-year warranty