The Granada 252 portable radiant convectors are available from Rinnai Australia . These gas heaters are very efficient and have a 5.9 Star Rating, using less energy.

The Granada 252 is Rinnai’s largest model of convector and is designed for an open plan living space. There are three heat settings as well as a two-speed fan.

These heaters offer full electronic ignition with concealed controls and a number of inbuilt safety features, including tilt switches, oxygen depletion sensors, a flame failure safety system and a dress guard.  

Features of the Granada 252 portable radiant convectors:

  • They are great for large living areas
  • Radiant warmth is combined with a powerful fan
  • There are three convenient heat settings
  • Variable heat settings cater to precise heating needs
  • They come in platinum silver or off white
  • They have a compact design and are portable
  • There is electronic
  • Ignition for guaranteed lighting
  • Top mounted push buttons for ease of operation