A new colour-matching app has been introduced by Resene Paints (Australia) Ltd to help find the right paint colour from any colour reference.

Ideal for those who may have seen a specific colour but are unable to describe it, the new Resene ColourMatch colour-matching app allows one to use a picture of the colour reference on any smartphone and find an instant match to the nearest Resene paint colour.

Resene’s ColourMatch application gives the user instant access to thousands of Resene colours enabling them to colour-match from any image taken on an iPhone or Android device. Alternatively, one can also use the colour spectrum to directly select a colour and find the nearest Resene paint colour.

The Resene ColourMatch system can be used to find and match colours anywhere, anytime.

Once a colour has been matched to a Resene colour, one can simply use the phone’s touchscreen to find complementary colours on Resene ColourMatch.

The app offers several functions to the user including saving the matched colours into Favourites for referencing at a later time and even emailing them to colleagues, friends, family or oneself. The built-in Resene Colour Palette Generator allows one to build a personal colour palette of Resene paint colours from a single image, helping to bring favourite places or images to life.