A gazebo in the garden can be a highly relaxing space where you can enjoy the green outdoors and fresh air. Many homeowners do aspire for a garden with a gazebo, but not many get around to building one because they’re not sure if the structure will be used at all. Renson suggests a sheltered gazebo that can be both relaxing as well as practical.

A gazebo is the ideal space for sipping your morning cup of tea, chatting with friends in the evening, or simply enjoying a lovely view of your garden whenever you feel like it. Unlike a patio, a gazebo is a freestanding structure and always covered. A gazebo will motivate you to get away from your kitchen or desk, and step out of the house to make the most of the lovely outdoors.

So why should you consider a sheltered gazebo over a traditional gazebo? Traditional gazebos are open on all sides, which may be great for tropical regions, but are less than ideal if windy and rainy days are a part of your environment.

A sheltered gazebo, on the other hand, can be made entirely windproof, allowing you to spend plenty of time in the garden even in the winter months or on windy autumn days without worrying about the weather. A sheltered structure also means your furniture, pillows or board games can remain in the gazebo outside when you decide to return to your home.

Sheltered gazebos can be decorated and converted into an extra room to serve as a reception area for guests, a playroom for children, or a hobby room for you or your partner.

There are plenty of modern gazebos to choose from in the Renson collection.