The Camargue bladed roof system from Renson was specified for this home by the interior architect to create a protected outdoor living space that could be used by the residents throughout the year.

Located in a quiet residential area, the white house offers an open living space that blends into an outdoor living space with the Camargue bladed roof system by Renson. Thanks to the integrated side elements in Renson’s terrace covering and an outdoor fireplace, the residents can enjoy quality moments outdoors any time of the year without worrying about the weather.

The interior architect was commissioned to create more living space inside as well as outside for a seamless indoor-outdoor living experience. The customer had three clear objectives with this renovation: He wanted to get more daylight, create extra space inside, and have a covered outdoor that connected perfectly to the interior.

The architect achieved these objectives by extending the living space by several extra square metres and replacing the old curved window with a roof overhang with a new large sliding window. The room-wide wall cabinet, made of white and black lacquered MDF and equipped with indirect LED lighting, visually increases the living space.

Since the connecting terrace was used optimally by the owners, the architect saw it as an extension of the living space. He suggested the aluminium bladed roof from Renson for the terrace, which would allow the owners to control the incidence of light on the terrace and in the living room adjacent to it. The Camargue terrace covering ensures sunlight is controlled with one press of the button. The closed blades would protect the residents from rain while their vertical positioning on the south-facing back facade ensures plenty of daylight inside as well. If the sun became too bright, the bladed roof would also provide ample sun protection for the home.

The horizontal black and white lines of the wall furniture in the living room continue on the incorporated wall under the terrace covering. The outdoor fireplace of Metalfire also serves as a barbecue with the extra closet space next to the fireplace providing sufficient storage for materials. The architect noted that the Renson covering was the perfect solution for this because it could be completely tailored to the terrace and the wall.

The Camargue bladed roof system was customised for this project with all dimensions tailored to fit in with the other elements of the outdoor space. The two remaining open sides of the terrace covering are provided with screens that can be closed, creating a cosy cocoon sheltered from the sun and wind.

According to the owners, they are able to use the terrace until late at night, even in poor weather conditions with the terrace covering allowing them to enjoy a drink and a snack on the barbecue in good company.