Renson patio covers are modular in design, allowing homeowners to extend their covered patios to suit new requirements.

Here are a few advantages of Renson’s modular patio covers:

1. Personalise your patio cover to your style and colour preferences

Renson patio covers come in a choice of styles and colours so that you can create the covered patio of your dreams. From cosy, rural outdoor spaces to a minimalist look, Renson’s patio cover collection brings your design inspirations to life. Renson’s patio covers and canopies can be customised with a louvered roof, a roof screen, a folding roof… whatever your choice, Renson will make it happen.

2. Integrated, detached or mounted against the façade

Choose your installation method: A patio cover can be mounted against the home’s façade or integrated into the existing structure. Alternatively, if it’s a detached patio you seek, just say the word.

3. Choose your patio cover size

Renson’s modular patio covers are the perfect solution for homeowners looking for a cover that’s just right for their large patio. The best part about a modular solution is that you can extend your patio, making it longer or wider anytime you want. Whatever the size of your patio, rest assured Renson can customise a patio cover that fits just right.

4. Custom patio cover with all the finishing touches

Renson’s modular patio covers can be integrated with a wide range of fittings and accessories. Complete your patio cover with screens or glass sliding panels to get shelter from the wind, or add translucent blades and outdoor curtains to keep the sun out. While you are at it, why not add integrated heating, lighting and audio? The possibilities are endless with Renson’s patio covers.