Have you considered creating a patio away from the house and further into the garden? Detached patios with a patio cover are an excellent way to get the most out of your garden space when entertaining friends and family or simply to chill in your own private space with a book.

Instead of a regular outdoor sitting area, the homeowner can choose to build a detached covered patio that will transform their backyard. A covered patio complete with patio cover and side structures is an all-weather outdoor space that one can enjoy any time of the year on sunny as well as rainy days.

You could also consider building an outdoor kitchen to go with your covered garden patio!

Side structures for creating a garden room

A simple patio cover serves its purpose but if you want to use your detached patio throughout the year, you should upgrade it with side structures. A covered patio with side structures will shelter you from the elements while still providing you with an amazing view, even transforming the space into a garden room. A detached covered patio is highly versatile – you can even use it as a hobby room or a special children’s corner.

Different types of patio covers

Renson offers a diverse range of patio covers designed to turn your detached patio into an attractive multipurpose protected outdoor space.


Featuring a sleek look with louvres, Algarve patio covers can also be integrated with screens for added protection.


Highly versatile with immense possibilities in terms of side structures and accessories, Camargue patio covers can be upgraded with heating options, glass walls and trendy LED lighting.


A louvered canopy that is fully retractable, Skye allows users to easily adjust the patio cover to suit changing weather conditions.