Building a pool house next to the swimming pool is an excellent idea, especially for storing garden furniture, pool maintenance equipment and even swimming gear. But have you considered a louvered canopy instead that could create endless possibilities in terms of flexible space utilisation?

By installing a louvered canopy near your pool, you can control the amount of sunlight entering through the roof; get the shade you need when it gets too hot by instantly closing the louvres; tilt the louvres when you feel chilly and enjoy the sunlight coming through; or even organise a barbecue under the canopy after a lovely afternoon swim.

Renson’s louvered canopies

Personalise it to match your pool design

To ensure your new ‘pool house’ fits with your swimming pool style seamlessly, explore the personalisation options available with louvered canopies from Renson. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out some of Renson’s most recent creations.

Do so much more with a Renson louvered canopy

There’s so much more you can do when your pool house comes in the form of a Renson louvered canopy. Whereas pool houses are mostly used for storage or as a changing area, a louvered canopy serving as a pool house can be an ideal lounge area or the perfect spot for poolside get-togethers; or used for sunbathing and reading a book in the shade after your morning swim.

Key considerations for building a pool house

1. Choose quality materials that are also weatherproof: the materials should not rust or wear, and will only require minimal maintenance.

2. Ensure that the style of your pool house matches the design of your swimming pool as well as your home.

3. Check the orientation before building or installing your pool house - you want to get as much direct sunlight (and as little wind) as possible, while also ensuring privacy from neighbours.

4. Make sure the canopy has a waterproof roof and comes with side panels that will protect you against the wind.

5. Accessorise your pool house with elements such as integrated heating, lighting and a sound system.