Two high quality building complexes in Warsaw, Poland were successfully protected against vibrations and noise emissions from underground trains using vibration isolation products from Regupol.

Piano House, a luxury apartment complex, and Carpathia Office House, an office complex were directly affected by the vibrations from the subterranean railway lines. The vibrations were caused by the immediate proximity of the building foundations to the tunnel of the underground line.

Piano House, the luxury apartment project was constructed using select materials such granite, quartz and onyx. However, the high level of comfort promised by the apartments was at risk from the local underground line of the Warsaw Metro. The subterranean railway lines caused disrupting vibrations, resulting in an adverse effect on the building structure. Polish construction company IDS-Bud s.a. installed Regupol elastomers for the vibration isolation of the vertical and horizontal building bearings.

Directly facing Piano House, the Carpathia office complex featured a high quality interior and also offered easy access to public transport, including the underground. This project presented a peculiar challenge because the office building was in the planning phase when the underground line was under construction. Since the building structure was located only about three metres away from the train tracks, it would have created similar adverse effects as the Piano House.

For Carpathia, data-based computer models were generated and then vibration simulations carried out to record the expected resulting vibrations. These readings were used as a basis to propose the technically fit-for-purpose Regupol products.

Commissioned to design a vibration isolation solution, BSW Berleburger Schaumstoffwerk GmbH specified an isolation layer to be installed directly on the concrete foundation, underneath the rising building parts. This would prevent vibrations from being transferred through the building structure and being perceived as actual vibrations or as secondary sound. Regupol HT and Regupol PL products were used as isolation for the foundations on Piano House. Overall, 1,475 square metres of Regupol materials were installed on the concrete foundation by the Polish construction firm IDS-Bud s.a. Vertical isolation was also achieved with the 50mm thick Regupol material.

Carpathia Office House was isolated horizontally with 1,670 square metres of Regupol vibration 480, Regupol vibration 550 and Regupol vibration 450 products.

Work on the buildings has been completed and the Metro line is also operational. While vibrations and noise emissions from the underground railway lines do have negative impacts on the surrounding buildings, Piano House and Carpathia Office House have been protected successfully with occupants completely shielded from the effects of the moving trains. All legal requirements for vibration protection were also observed and met during installation. 

Image: Piano House