Real Granite Tops  offer a range of natural granite work tops. Granite is a versatile material and can be used to achieve both classic and contemporary design. Real Granite Tops supply a wide range of handmade granite bowls, sinks and vanity tops. Granite is available in many colours such as Malibou, blue, peach, brown, green, emerald blue, rose and black.

Real Granite Tops offer granite that lends style and elegance in kitchens. Granite is a popular stone because it offers a number of benefits. Granite is formed at high temperature. In fact, hot pans can be placed directly from the burner onto the granite work tops without causing any damage. Granite is also scratch and stain resistant. However, granite needs to be protected from stains by using a quality sealer.

Granite, available from Real Granite Tops, is also unaffected by ultraviolet radiations, and hence can easily be used for any outdoor purposes. A few applications include balconies, staircases, rails and headstones. Granite can be easily cleaned and maintained.

Real Granite Tops offer modular granite system that comprises prefabricated slabs. These slabs measure 1.2 metres in length and are available in both 610 and 900 millimetres in width. Real Granite Tops offer prefabricated slabs that are pre-polished and prepared for installation. All granite slabs are installed on-site.