Platform Lift Company  has successfully completed installation of wheelchair stair lifts for a major ferry company in Tahiti, French Polynesia.

Platform Lift Company is a leading supplier, installer and maintainer of wheelchair disability and mobility access lifts, commercial elevators and residential lifts.

Platform Lift Company’s Queensland operation has recently installed Cama C6 wheelchair stair lifts on the Aremiti high-speed ferries that travel between Papeete, the capital of French Polynesia, and the island of Moorea.

Designed for curved stairs, where stairs go around a corner or have a landing in the middle, the Cama C6 wheelchair stair lift on the Aremiti ferry allows disabled people access to the upper decks of the ferry, according to Platform Lift Company’s Kent Phillips.

Cama C6 wheelchair lifts are used widely by Platform Lift Company for existing and new buildings with minimal building works required for installation. The lifts fold up so they take up minimum area of a building. Once installed they can be folded up against a wall and only sit 395mm off that wall. They can be installed on stairs that are inside or outside the building.

Operating offices throughout Australia, Platform Lift Company specialises in disability lifts for commercial and residential needs.