Platform Lift Company has installed three different disabled lifts in the multi-million dollar upgrade of facilities at ABC TV and Radio headquarters throughout Queensland. PLC will also be responsible for their maintenance.

Platform Lift Company’s disabled lifts have been installed at the ABC’s new Richard Kirk-designed Brisbane TV and radio headquarters in South Bank; the new two-storey TV and radio studios and offices in the heart of Darwin; and the award-winning new ABC Tropical North building in Mackay.

According to PLC’s Queensland spokesman Kent Phillips, the three disabled lifts include the CAMA C7 wheelchair stair lift, the new 2m Pollock step lift and the 1m Pollock step lift. All the installations satisfied the Disability (Access to Premises – Buildings) Standards 2010 and the Disability Discrimination Act. 

He adds that all the lifts feature state-of-the-art design and fit well into modern buildings.

A one-stop solution for satisfying the legislation on disabled access in new buildings or renovations, Platform Lift Company extends its relationship with the client beyond the installation through ongoing product care.
The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) covers providing disabled access to buildings, including access to all offices, restaurants, public buildings, clubs and schools. Under the DDA, building owners must take reasonable steps to change practices, policies or procedures to make services available to disabled persons, including entry or access to premises.

Platform Lift Company managing director Clive Hammond explains most building owners would have no idea of what is required of them or that they're potentially breaking the law. Even building owners who are aware of their obligation still aren't sure what kind of accessibility options they need to put in place.

Platform Lift Company is a major supplier, installer and maintainer of wheelchair disability access lifts and ramps in Australia. Headquartered in Sydney, PLC operates a network of outlets in Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia.