Platform Lift Company  was commissioned to supply and install their disabled access lifts at the new ‘Jewel of Perth’.
Platform Lift Company installed their Independence low-rise platform lifts in the newly opened and luxuriously appointed Fraser Suites hotel in Queens Riverside, the new urban quarter in East Perth.
According to Platform Lift Company’s Andrew Skelton, with increasing focus on legislation in the area of vertical transportation, the design team at Fraser Suites relied on Platform Lift Company’s expertise to ensure that the disabled access lift met all statutory requirements and Fraser Property’s exacting standards.
Mr Skelton adds that Platform Lift Company aligns itself with Australia’s leading access consultants and allied built environment professionals, including auditors, architects, building certifiers, and aged care and tourism operators to better understand their requirements and applicable compliance codes.
Featuring high quality design and performance, the Independence disabled access platform lifts are suitable for commercial and residential installations.
The Independence disabled access platform lifts offer a flexible solution to meet the access compliance needs of the Building Code of Australia (BCA), The Disability (Access to Premises – buildings) Standards 2010 and Australian Standards AS1735.
Suitable for indoor as well as outdoor installation, the Independence disabled access platform lifts feature a built-in 240V drive system, eliminating the need for a machine room and minimising building space requirements. These platform lifts do not require a lift pit and can be installed in existing floor structures.

Platform Lift Company’s world-leading mobility solutions include stair lifts, vertical rise platforms and hydraulic and electric MRL lifts.