Platform Lift Company introduces an innovative portable pool lift with an aim to restore the dignity of disabled people.

Bluone, the portable pool lift allows a disabled person to be carried from the changing room to the pool edge, and then lowered into the water easily and safely.

Designed by Italian company Digi Project, the pre-built Bluone pool lift is being supplied by Platform Lift Company across Australia’s eastern seaboard.

Platform Lift Company’s Kent Phillips observes that the new compact lift is restoring dignity to disabled people, allowing them to get in and out of water easily.

Describing Bluone as the perfect disabled lift for pool areas in hotels, resorts, retirement villages, gyms and all council pools as well as domestic pools, Mr Phillips said that the portable lift can be easily stored, and lifts up to 130kg.

Platform Lift Company’s portable Bluone pool lift has been installed by Brisbane City Council in its pools – Brisbane Aquatic Centre Acacia Ridge, Bellbowrie and Wickham Terrace Valley, with five more planned this season.

Brisbane City Council plans to install the portable lift in every pool as they are upgraded. Gold Coast City Council has indicated it will consider portable pool lifts with the $42,000,000 upgrade of the Gold Coast Aquatic Centre in Southport for the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

Platform Lift Company has installed the portable pool lift in NSW at Narrabri Shire Council’s Narrabri Memorial Swimming Pool and Moree Plains Shire Council’s Moree Artesian Aquatic Centre; and also in Queensland at Paroo Shire Council’s Cunnamulla Swimming Pool.

A leading supplier, installer and maintainer of wheelchair disability and mobility access lifts, commercial elevators and residential lifts, Platform Lift Company is also in talks to supply portable pool lifts to South Australia and Victoria.

Bluone marine hoists can also be fitted on a yacht or cruiser.