Platform Lift Company  offers a wide range of disabled access solutions to help public buildings ensure equal access for all customers, patrons and visitors including the disabled.
With offices throughout Australia, Europe and the Middle East, Platform Lift Company has vast experience in providing solutions for disabled access and wheelchair lifts. Platform Lift Company is a one-stop solution for satisfying the legislation on disabled access in new or existing buildings.
Installed at well-known locations including the Sydney Opera House and Christian Dior’s flagship Sydney boutique as well as Hugo Boss’ Sloane Square masterpiece in London, Platform Lift Company’s top-of-the-range disabled access products have also been fitted in aged care facilities, schools and residential buildings.
Platform Lift Company managing director Clive Hammond explains that most building owners would have no idea of what is required of them or that they’re potentially breaking the law. Even building owners who are aware of their obligation still aren’t sure what kind of accessibility options they need to put in place.
The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) is the main Federal legislative provision that deals with disabled access to buildings. This legislation ensures disabled people are able to participate more fully in the community, including having access to all offices, restaurants, public buildings, clubs and schools.
Under the Act, building owners must take reasonable steps to change practices, policies or procedures to make services available to disabled persons including entry or access to premises.
Platform Lift Company addresses these legislative requirements by offering a wide range of high-quality lifts including commercial lifts, domestic residential lifts, dumb waiters, platform lifts and wheelchair lifts.
Platform Lift Company’s range of disabled access products can be retrofitted into demanding environments. Wheelchair lifts can be installed indoors and outdoors, and even in swimming pools with minimal modifications, and without any pit, machine room or shaft.