Glass pool fencing adds a sophisticated touch to your home and your swimming pool. While the primary objective of glass fencing around pools is safety, it also enhances the overall aesthetic by highlighting the pool in the best possible way. With minimal maintenance and assured service for many years, glass pool fencing is an investment that is worth considering for long-lasting pool safety.

Here’s how you can enjoy resort style living at home by installing a glass pool fence from Railsafe.

Uncompromising safety

Pool barriers are required by law in NSW, and they must be a minimum of 1.2m in height to provide adequate protection against drowning. While traditional pool fencing is very obtrusive with its mostly metal and mesh construction, glass pool fences tend to blend in with the surroundings. Glass offers an unimpeded view of the pool while being visually non-intrusive, and creates an inviting, peaceful environment.

Glass pool fences provide a clear view to the pool, allowing you to keep a close watch on children and pets. Furthermore, pool lighting after dusk will be much more effective as light will be spread evenly across the pool and deck area without obstruction.

Minimal maintenance

Traditional pool fences need a lot of maintenance from the constant exposure to chlorinated water, which can cause discolouration, rotting, warping and corrosion. Glass and stainless steel fences are easier to maintain, requiring a simple wipe down regularly to remove water stains. Glass is a natural product, which does not corrode, attract mould, warp or discolour. The reduced maintenance and longer service life make it a win-win deal for any homeowner. With pool fences required by law to be ‘well maintained and in good working order’, glass is a smarter investment that will save you time and money in the long run.

Built tough

Toughened glass, which is used for glass pool fencing, can withstand gusty winds, shock and significant force, making it the safest pool fencing option on the market. High quality stainless steel fittings are used to hold the glass in place. The homeowner can also choose from spigot, channel, slot, button or pin fixing options.

Maximise the feeling of spaciousness

Frameless pool fencing takes glass fencing a few notches up the aesthetic scale as there are no obvious lines to take the spotlight off the pool. With the frameless option, the pool looks more attractive and expansive, especially from a distance since the glass barrier will be almost imperceptible.

Upgrade your pool fence with Railsafe

If you are considering glass pool fencing for your home, get in touch with Railsafe for advice on how to transform your home for the better by adding a touch of sophistication and class.