Glass balustrades from Railsafe are guaranteed to enhance the appearance of your home or business. However, regular maintenance is required to ensure your glass balustrading looks its best for a long time.

Smudges and fingerprints on glass can take away attention from the beauty of your balustrades. It’s not so difficult to achieve crystal clear glass surfaces when you use the right cleaning products and techniques. While commercial glass cleaners are popular, they can also leave behind a sticky residue that can be very difficult to remove from the glass.

Railsafe keeps it simple by listing out a few helpful tips for effective cleaning and maintenance of your glass balustrades.

Soapy water – simple yet effective

Forget expensive cleaning products; to clean your glass balustrades, all you need is a bucket of warm water, lint-free cloth, preferably microfibre, and some dishwashing liquid. Just soak the cloth in warm, soapy water and wipe up and down on all glass surfaces. Clean the glass every three months to maintain optimal appearance.

Dealing with streaks

Streaks and unsightly marks are caused by residual water left on the glass surface after wiping. Use a squeegee instead of a cloth to wipe – this will take care of any residual water, leaving the glass surface clean and clear. Simply wipe from top to bottom after cleaning to get streak-free clear glass.

DIY window cleaner for dried-on debris

To remove tough stains on your glass, look into your pantry first before rushing off to the store in search of an industrial grade cleaner. This DIY solution is ideal for removing dried dirt, bird droppings and other dried-on debris.

Prepare your DIY solution by mixing 1 cup water, 1 cup rubbing alcohol and 1 tablespoon white vinegar. This fast-acting solution will break down just about anything. Simply spray it onto the affected area and wait a couple of minutes before wiping away, or use a cloth soaked in the solution to wipe.

The best time to clean

The weather is an important factor when it comes to cleaning your glass balustrades. It’s best to clean glass either in the evening or on an overcast day. Harsh sun will cause water to evaporate much quicker, leaving behind streaks and residue.

Need further assistance?

Glass balustrades are exceptionally beautiful in appearance and also incredibly easy to maintain. A regular cleaning regimen using a few household ingredients is all it takes to keep your glass crystal clear all year round. This simple maintenance requirement is one of the primary reasons why glass balustrades are gaining rapid traction within the Australian market.

Railsafe offers a broad range of award winning designs in glass balustrades with excellent craftsmanship for your home or business.