Raeco have over 45 years experience in creating quality learning centres within Australian libraries. They provide complete solutions, which include library shelving, furniture, and display options, as well as childrens library furniture to create a look and feel that inspires fun and learning.

Included in the range of childrens library furniture supplied by Raeco are a variety of childrens educational floor mats, ideal for activities, story time, or simply sitting and reading a favourite book.

These childrens educational floor mats are colourful carpets that feature a range of different designs. They are made from polypropylene with anti-static fibres and double stitched seared edges and have a 'Kidply' backing which prevents wrinkling and creasing. They also meet US NFPA 253 Class 1 fire code requirements.

Childrens educational floor mat designs available from Raeco include:

  • Reading By The Book - a large, oval shaped mat featuring a border of book images, each with a letter of the alphabet on it
  • World Explorer - a large, square mat featuring a world map with images depicting native animals from each continent
  • Sunny Day - a large, square mat featuring a rainbow border featuring letters of the alphabet, and in the centre, a sun surrounded by cloud images with numbers inside
  • Alphabet Aquarium - a large, rectangular mat featuring an aquarium with various fish among floating letters of the alphabet
  • Hip Hop To The Top - a large, oval mat with a colourful alphabet border and a pond image in the centre with lilies, lily pads, and a frog; and
  • Dewey Decimal - a large, oval mat featuring images of various subjects and their corresponding number in the Dewey Decimal system.