Raeco presents their range of children’s furniture with the Caterpillar activity centre with sectioned book bins, display units and table sets.

The Caterpillar activity centre offer homes and child care facilities an aesthetic edge that would children would find appealing and approachable.

The Caterpillar activity centre, and all its contents, is made from strong and durable laminated boards with castors for easy mobility. Each of the furniture is available in its own unique colour, which includes red, green, blue and yellow.

The Caterpillar activity centre set consists of:

  • 4-section book bin (red)
  • 2-section book bin (green)
  • Table unit (blue)
  • Display unit (yellow)
The Raeco Caterpillar activity centre is Australian made with face and antlers available separately.

For more information on Raeco’s range in children’s furniture, visit their website or call their number.