When a job comes up that requires a web to be braced against lateral buckling, fabricators are faced with the dilemma of installing the brace at the truss plant or relying on the builder to follow the plans and install a conventional web tie correctly.

The fabricator could install T-Stiffeners or Scabs during the truss production process but are then faced with the issues of the trusses not stacking correctly and therefore, incurring additional transportation costs.

However, if the fabricator were to follow the web tie option, then they are relying on the builder to install the tie and cross bracing on site. In addition, the detailer incurs extra time on his drawings indicating which webs are to be braced.

If the web ties are not installed correctly this method could end in disaster, especially if the web ties have to be fitted three storeys up. Although it may not be the fabricator’s fault, it will take valuable time and recourses in rectifying the builder’s mistake.

Several fabricators have overcome this dilemma by selecting the Web Stiffener option, from Pryda , when detailing roof trusses using the Pryda software.

Mark Pagram, Production Manager of Southport Timbers, who is a convert to using the Pryda Web Stiffeners said, “Sometimes it is not practical to use a timber web tie as the webs in a run of trusses don’t always line up and T-Stiffeners and Scabs make it too difficult for us to strap up into packs. Using the Pryda Web Stiffener means we do not have to rely on the builder to install the braces properly.”

The Pryda Web Stiffener is a galvanised steel component for stiffening timber truss webs against lateral buckling. They can be fitted in the truss plant and thereby, avoid the need for onsite applied web ties. The design ensures the trusses can be stacked neatly and therefore improving in house efficiencies and freight costs.

Slavek Pacan at Auspine said, “By using Pryda Web Stiffeners all the trusses could be flush packed requiring only one stack of trusses and one delivery resulting in a saving on freight.”

The Pryda Web Stiffeners are easily fitted at the truss plant. Just fix to the side of the web with 12g x 35mm screws at each end and then every 500mm in between. They are manufactured to suit common 35mm web thickness and can be doubled for additional stiffening.

In addition, the Pryda Web Stiffeners are handy for on-site rectification jobs. Pryda Web Stiffeners are available in 3 lengths 1650mm, 2150mm and 2650mm.