Pryda has developed a Hip Support Bracket that will assist  fabricators and builders in overcoming a common timber connection issue; joining a hip to the bottom chord of a girder truss at the same junction as a standard truss.

Pryda Australia ’s Marketing Manager, Simon Healey says, “The solution is to develop an L shaped bracket that is easily fitted over a Pryda Multi-Fix Truss Boot (TB35 or TB45). This fixing system will not only provide a significant saving in materials over the current Heavy Duty Truss Boot method but also ensure an easy and timely installation for the builder.”

The dimensions of the L shaped HSB are 75 x 68 x 100 x 3mm, while the hole pattern on the Pryda HSB has been designed so that it will line up with the hole pattern on the Pryda Multi-Fix Truss Boot. This will allow the HSB to be easily drilled or bolted through the left or right hand flange of the truss boot and into the bottom chord of the girder truss. The preferred fasteners are number 12 type 17 self drilling screws or M12 galvanized bolts.

The hip is then located onto the Pryda HSB and set into position via a countersunk screw from underneath, which brings an end to the fixing job.

In some cases, builders were left to their own devices to invent a fixing method of joining the hip to a junction of a standard and bottom chord of a girder, which is tedious process.