Prefabricated timber frames fitted with a lightweight Pryda Australia steel lintel above composite window heads, result in a quality and cost effective wall frame. Advantages of using prefabricated timber wall frames include increased labour savings, with the wall timber able to be optimised. Pryda software ensures that the studs on the pre-fabricated wall frames are designed at the best possible spacing for the applied roof and 2nd storey floor loads.

Pryda’s software will also enable the design of the appropriate lintel to carry the imposed loads on headers above windows and doors. The header that Pryda recommends is the L-shaped steel angle, which was developed in order to reduce the weight of the timber wall frame, making it easier to transport and stand up on site while reducing the likelihood of injury. The lightweight nature of these lintels means that most timber wall frames can be easily lifted into position by one worker. contrasting to timber lintels, pryda pre-fabricated steel lintels do not “creep” over time, avoiding cracking of cornices, sticking sliding doors and the possibility of an expensive rectification.

Pryda Lintel can be made shallower than timber lintels to fit into reduced window head spaces minimising space problems. The L-shaped Pryda Lintel is supported by engineering software that can print a full set of engineering computations and producer statements. With coloured stickers that denote size and thickness, the Pryda lintel is also easily identifiable for building inspectors. Additional tie down assistance is also offered by Pryda due to the way it fixes all the plates and studs together in the frame.

Serge Guerini from Worldwide Timber Traders said, “We have been using Pryda Lintel in our prefabricated wall frames for over 6 years now. Our customers enjoy the benefits of the lightweight frames and the once off deflection. It is rare that our builders are ever called back for cracking cornices or sticking sliding doors. Unless directed otherwise, I’ll fit Pryda Lintel as standard.”