The PROMASHIELD from Promat Australia is an innovative way to achieve insulation criteria on service penetrations, eliminating the need for wrapping, strapping or taping.

A patented system designed to simplify insulation for service penetrations, PROMASHIELD features an innovative retrofit design that allows the penetration to be finished in a fraction of the time it takes to treat services using existing methods.

PROMASHIELD is based on the principles of convection – this means that the service transfers heat at a lower rate than alternatives that are wrapped, allowing the PROMASHIELD to be shorter than a wrap for the equivalent size service. The foam insert prevents waste accumulating inside the shield, while also stabilising the shield around the service.

Using extenders, this versatile system can be installed around rows of penetrating pipes or cable trays.

For service penetrations through a concrete slab, this system is only required on the top side of the opening to achieve an FRL of up to -/120/120.

Featuring cutting edge fire protection technology, PROMASHIELD is available in small, medium and large sizes for pipes up to 65mm, 100mm and 200mm respectively. The simple installation involves clipping or sliding the two halves together around the pipe and securing into the substrate with a suitable fixing through the provided anchor points. Promat Pig Tail screws are available for securing the PROMASHIELD to PROMASEAL bulkhead sealer system installations.