Owners of commercial buildings who lease out their property to other businesses have a responsibility to ensure that it is correctly waterproofed. Statistics indicate that waterproofing accounts for just 1% of a building’s costs, yet water leaks and the resultant damage can account for 80% of all building defects.

This article provides some useful tips on why waterproofing is necessary for buildings, how to select the right waterproofing agencies, and product options available in the market for best results.

Why you need waterproofing for your commercial premises:

Preventing loss of rent

Buildings with water leakage and seepage problems can soon become uninhabitable. To avoid loss of rental income in the future, owners should have their properties waterproofed properly from the start.

Building safety

Water leaks are dangerous, especially when electrical wiring is exposed to water leaking through the structure due to insufficient waterproofing. Such situations can lead to fire or electrocution, making the building owner liable for any damage or injury suffered by the tenants.

Structural stability

Water leaks caused by inadequate waterproofing can cause timber to rot, metal to rust and lead to a form of degradation known as concrete cancer. A building that is structurally unsound due to the long-term effects of water damage can be a major disaster waiting to happen.

Keeping it healthy

Mould and mildew caused by water penetration can trigger allergic reactions and respiratory problems in the building’s occupants, leading to long-term illness. Bacteria can also thrive in damp areas, and could result in the building being labelled ‘sick’, making it difficult to lease.


Damp buildings create a suitable environment for termites, cockroaches, rats, mice and other pests, not only posing a health risk for occupants but also creating an ongoing and unnecessary expense for the owner on pest control and extermination services.

Who should you contact?

There are numerous waterproofing contractors in Australia. Key considerations for selecting the right service provider include verifying whether they are fully licensed and insured, so that the customer will be protected in the event of a problem; checking that the waterproofing products they use meet and/or exceed Australian Standards; confirming the timeframe in which the job will be completed; and ensuring they offer a substantial warranty on their products and workmanship.

What is the best product?

A membrane is the most reliable and durable solution for waterproofing a commercial building. Wolfin’s waterproofing membranes, for instance, are UV stable; can be applied to most substrates including concrete, timber, steel and masonry; can be recycled; and come with superior profile terminations, preventing water from entering behind the membrane once installed.

Wolfin waterproofing products are available in Australia from Projex Group .