A house in Sydney’s Sans Souci with rooms below the high water mark of nearby Georges River used the Wolfin System to waterproof a home theatre.

The brand new house designed by architect Tony Antoniou at Napoleon St at Sans Souci is situated some 15 metres from the water’s edge of the Georges River.

In addition to an entertaining terrace on the top floor and large dining areas, the house has an elaborate home theatre. The home theatre is situated at a level 1.5 metres below the high water mark.

The architect specified the Wolfin System to waterproof the area under the house set aside for the theatre – having seen the system used around the corner in Ida St where it was also used to waterproof the home cinema – again 1.5 metres below high-water level.

The water level around the excavated hole was temporarily lowered by means of hydraulic spears attached to a pump running 24-hourly. A layer of Shotcrete was then applied to the permanent steel shutters and the Wolfin was then laid to the walls of the shotcrete and across the base. The floor was poured, the inner formwork erected and the concrete and were walls poured.

After the concrete had set and the inner formwork stripped, the cellar was completely flooded so that the spears and pump could be removed – without water pressure lifting the cellar out of the ground.

After the main structure was completed the cellar was pumped dry.

Despite the membrane being under almost constant pressure from the water, the membrane is now keeping the theatre area dry.

The Wolfin System is impervious to the salt water and because of its welded system, cast-in reglets and the on-site supervision of Wolfin themselves, it is able to give a guaranteed watertight solution.

The Wolfin System was installed by Brett Shannon of Shannon Waterproofing Services.